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Admissions Open House - IL

Visit Midwestern University on Thursday, April 30th at our open house to learn about professional degree programs in Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant studies, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Dental Medicine, Speech Language Pathology, Optometry.

Downers Grove, IL

Tour de Cure

Midwestern University is hosting the 29th Annual Tour de Cure.

Glendale, AZ

Sarah Church

College of Health Sciences, 2022

The education here is fast-paced and it’s very good. But, it’s a very positive atmosphere here as well. We all help each other.

Message from the President: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 06, 2020

As the news continues to focus on the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important that we as an academic health care community continue to focus on the information available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ( which is updated on a regular basis. At Midwestern University, we have taken a number of steps to assure our campuses continue to be safe, secure and healthy. Click here to learn more.

Midwestern University

Campuses Invite Teens to Sample Healthcare Careers

March 05, 2020

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Midwestern University

New tiny 44 million year old bird fossil links Africa and Asia to Utah

March 03, 2020

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Glendale, AZ

March Community Health Lecture Series

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Glendale, AZ

Allison Rushing, D.P.T.

College of Health Sciences, 2012

Being a student at Midwestern University was definitely hard work and fast-paced, but it was not competitive here. Everyone just wanted to help each other and in that aspect it was just really welcoming. People studied together and shared ideas.

MWU PA Alumni and Friends Reception

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Glendale, AZ