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Perhaps a doctor made a difference in your family's life. Maybe you feel endless fascination about the possibilities of next-generation medical treatments. Or the prospect of having a positive, caring effect on other people makes you happy. There are many, many reasons to choose healthcare as your career.

Whatever your motivation, your decision to become a member of the 21st-century healthcare team sets you apart — and places you in the caring community of Midwestern University, an established leader with an exciting vision for the future and the tools to help you fulfill it.

A healthcare education at Midwestern University means that you'll study with caring faculty mentors, learn side-by-side with students in other health professions, and benefit from team-oriented, interdisciplinary, hands-on experiences in the art of patient care. When your studies are finished, you will be ready from day one for practice - and you will have a vast network of Midwestern alumni resources to accompany you on your next steps.

You belong here. Welcome to our team.

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Prospective students interested in enrolling in any College at Midwestern University should contact the Office of Admissions at either the Downers Grove or Glendale campus regarding the application process for admission.

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