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Academic Programs, Accreditation, Articulation Agreement/ Transfer credits, FERPA, Refund Policy/Return of Title IV, Withdrawal Policy, Student Achievement Disclosure, Student Course schedule, Textbooks, Complaint procedure to contact state regulators, COCA Requirements

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention program

Students & Employees, Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Information Technology

Peer-to-Peer file sharing and Copyright Infringement

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

Safety and Security

Annual Security & Fire safety report - Crime Reporting, Emergency Response Plan, Timely Warning, Notification of Missing Students, Campus Crime Statistics, Annual Fire Safety Report

Student Financial Services

Code of conduct, Cost of Attendance, Student Financial Aid Information, Tuition and Fees, Student Loans, Entrance Counseling/ Federal Loan Exit, Refund Policy and Return of Title IV, Withdrawal policy & procedure, Leave of Absence policy 

Student Services

Student Handbook and Appendices, Placement in Employment, Vaccinations Policy, Student Diversity, Contact Information

Constitution Day

What is Constitution Day, Test your Knowledge, Glossary of Terms, Resources, Famous Quotes

Voter Registration

Register to Vote

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Midwestern University will provide a paper copy of any disclosure upon request. Please contact Greg O'Coyne, Director of Finance, at gocoyn@mskhd.com or (623) 572-3358 or Rania Henry, Senior Financial Analyst, at rhenry@mskhd.com 免费香蕉依人在线视频,日本在线加勒比一本道,强奸乱伦电影,欧美阿v高清资源在线_首页or (630) 515-6072.

Dr. Ross Kosinski, Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator, AZ and IL

Dr. Ross Kosinski, Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator, AZ and IL

623-572-3210; rkosin@mskhd.com

Lori Vozari, Assistant Dean and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, IL

630-515-6474; lvozar@mskhd.com

Catherine Rent, Manager of Residence Life, IL

630-971-6400; crentx@mskhd.com

Jose Ponce, Manager of Residence Life, AZ

623-572-3848; jponce@mskhd.com

Campus Safety & Security, IL


Campus Safety & Security, AZ


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