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MWU Now Events

Follow Midwestern University for the latest events免费香蕉依人在线视频,日本在线加勒比一本道,强奸乱伦电影,欧美阿v高清资源在线_首页 and activities both on and off of our campuses.

Special Events

The Midwestern University Office of Communications prepares and hosts several special annual events.

Training Events

Training Events 2011-2012


Alumni Weekend 2019

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Alumni Reunion Dinner

Make your reservations now and join your fellow alumni at our second annual reunion dinner.


Cuts For Kids

Get a free haircut to help a child.

Newsletters and Events

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Alumni Events

Alumni Events

Pharmacist Month

Please join the College of Pharmacy – Glendale and all pharmacy professionals in celebrating National Pharmacists Month during the month of October. The College has planned several events and informational sessions to highlight the role of the pharmacist in the healthcare team. Many of the displays and events will be held in the cafeteria or involve special guest speakers. All are welcomed to the events and guest speaker sessions. For more information feel free to contact me.

Risk Management Events

Risk Management Events

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